I recently ran across this wonderful new site called Offers4Bucks. It is a great site for surveys, click to pay, and other offer completions. They run a terrific referral contest every month as well as other awesome contests. It's one of the most fun sites I've joined in a long time! Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. :)


SnapDollars is very similar to InboxDollars, Cash4Offers, SendEarnings, etc. They send you an email to your inbox and you click on the confirmation link in the email and view the offer and get paid to do it. It offers many more ways to earn some cash, too such as paid offers, surveys, etc. This is another of my personal favorites I use every day and have kept active for a few years now. Once you learn to couple this with the other similar paid email sites, you can earn some decent cash each month. It's free, it pays, and it's easy! No reason why everyone shouldn't use this site to earn extra spending cash every month.

Are you one who appreciates a great consultant business? I have found one that is nothing like the rest! It is called Ambit Energy. So, Ambit itself has been in business for 5 years, and is INC Magazine's fastest growing company of 2010. It's a smart way to start from the ground floor and earn from many who are joining the energy choice revolution. You don't sell anything! You simply refer people to look into a better and cheaper energy service that is a service that everyone uses, just at a better rate, so there is no convincing and also no inventory or collection. You can earn from every referral you bring in. In fact, if you get in there now, you will have a higher earning potential than others because this industry is growing fast! You get the chance to start from the ground floor meaning you will have a greater earning potential than others who join later! I found this to be a great way to earn money and feel proud for what you do! Check it out for yourself at is one of my favorite survey pay sites. I can check my email, do a survey through them, and be paid to my PayPal account before the day is over. When I need to make a fast dollar or more, this is another one of my best sites to go to. If you like doing surveys, you may want to try this one. I only stick with the paying survey sites and this one is in my top 10.

Do you have several social networking accounts and hundreds of ads to post on each ever single day? Then try installing YOONO! I added it to my Firefox browser a week ago and I'm already reaping the benefits. It now only takes me less than half of the time to post my ads too every social site I use! YOONO is an ad-on that you install,add your favorite social site accounts to, and then, voila, you make make one "status update" and send it out to all of your twitter,facebook,orkut,linkin,and myspace accounts! To make it even better, it stays hidden at the side of your browsing page and you can check your sites in the minimized form (updates,mail,etc or you can click on the mail,status,etc,and enlarge the full site window. You remain logged into your accounts so all you have to do is choose your status or ad message and press UPDATE. That's it! I highly recommend this tool! It will greatly increase your productivity with sponsored tweets,revtwt,and other pay to post jobs!

This is another great site for starting a webstore! It's called! You can start a business selling aphrodisiac products, building a referral income, etc. This is again, not for the timid! However, if you aren't the shy type, and would like to sell these type of products, this is a great way to earn money! Millions of people are searching for these products online every single day! Why wouldn't you want to be the one who is making the cash for selling them? Simply go to and start your new home business!

This is a an interesting work from home opportunity to say the least. It's not for the timid! But if you are adventurous and a true entrepreneur, this is a good gig! It is called You sell romance home party products and earn a 50% commission for hosting a party! There is low overhead, they offer customized eCommerce website for you, and you get to have fun! You simply purchase a start up kit and begin your journey to becoming a successful work-from-home Brown Bag Party representative! Visit

I stumbled across a great paid blog writing job today!It's called and is a Godsend for anyone who owns a blog. You go to their site, sign up for an account as either an advertiser or a writer and then submit your blog/website URL, name your price per post/word/etc.,and then start blogging sponsored blogs for good cash! That's all there is to it. I joined the site today and will be writing sponsored blogs on my sites in the near future. You can watch this process by looking for my blog posts here on this site that are categorized as "sponsored" as well as state "sponsored review" at the beginning of the posts.  Right now, they only allow you to verify a true blog site, so if you are published as a website you won't qualify. This is actually good news for anyone using a free hosted blog site!

This is another terrific way to get paid for using your Twitter account! It's! Similar to, but the ads are readily available and there are many other ways to post to your Twitter accounts. It is another of those "change in the pocket" type of sites, but nevertheless it is "change in the pocket"! All you do is create an account, login, add your Twitter accounts, and then simply choose an ad(s) and post it to Twitter. You get paid every time someone clicks on your post! It is really simple and doesn't take any time at all to accomplish each day! I recommend using both and together to earn some decent change daily. It really does add up each month!


I found this great website that allows you to post ANY kind of offer for $5! It's called Fiverr! It's a site where you decide on just about ANY type of "job" you will do for $5. There are many people on there who will sing Happy Birthday, review a website, add Twitter followers, hold a sign in a video about a product, draw a picture, along with many other "jobs" offered on the site. You name what you will do for the $5! The possibilities are endless! This is a legitimate site and guarantees your payment for services rendered. I recently signed up for a project myself to write a review about other work from home sites on my sites for $5/pop. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this! Go give it a try at:

ChaCha Update 4

Well, I started with and so far I love it!!!  It is so exciting to answer all of those queries that come in! The other guides who work there are friendly and helpful. What is really fun though is seeing the change add up to cash within just a few hours! Now I'm not talking early retirement , but I did manage to earn $5 in just a few hours! I'm still slow because I'm still learning the ropes, but one day I will get faster and that extra cash will come in handy. But until then I am perfectly happy with just answering the many questions that come onto my screen. Makes me feel happy to be able to help so many people in one night. I'll keep you all posted from time to time to let you know how it's going. I have a feeling I will keep this job! If you are interested in becoming a ChaCha guide like me, just click on the highlighted linK above. ChaCha on!

Live Job Board

Now you can find live job postings on my site! Check out the MMMBIZ JOB BOARD and find your work-from-home dream job!!!

ChaCha Update-I'm in!

Well, after thinking for over a week that I didn't make the cut to be a ChaCha Expeditor, I received an email 4 days ago telling me that there had been an error and I had actually passed. I am now a live ChaCha Expeditor! :) I am so excited! I am taking it slowly for now and taking advantage of my training period to study more of the courses, tipsheets, and forums so as I can be the best guide I can be. They also offer a Mentor Program so you are assigned a Mentor to help you get started and answer any questions you may have at first. I had plenty! My Mentor is very pleasant (as is everyone on the ChaCha Team) and eager to help. I will be earning $0.02 per completed task as an Expeditor. It doesn't seem like much, but many other guides make pretty decent spending money doing this....and it is so rewarding in many other ways! I will keep you posted on my new endeavor with ChaCha. If you like to research, have fun, and help others, then this is something you may want to apply for. You can work as much or as little as you like. It's all up to you! See you there! ChaCha on! :)

Get your Mama Gear!

You can purchase shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, cups, etc. and sport the MoneyMakingMama Logo! Show your own pride of being a successful Money Making Mama, or buy gear for your husband and kids to brag on your success by wearing products announcing that you are a Money Making Mama! Check it out here:

ChaCha Update3

Ok. Well kiddo's, I didn't make the cut. I will not be a ChaCha Expeditor right now. I suppose I've been too busy with other projects to really concentrate and I didn't do well enough for the test. They take your first ten incoming questions you answer and then decide if you made the right decisions on how you answered the questions. I was doing fine, I thought, until one particular question came in Que to me that I just couldn't find the answer for. Oh well, I must admit I am already way too deep into many other endeavors at the moment, so working for ChaCha would've been just another time consumer to keep up with. However, the extra easy income would've been nice. Don't let my experience sway your judgment if you are considering applying for ChaCha. My experience is not typical and, again, I did not put 100% into it. So I still recommend you try for it! It seems to be a great job and a lot of fun! Let me know how it goes for you! I would love to hear what it's like to make the cut and be a part of ChaCha! ChaCha on! :)

Free MT Training Site

Okay, I know I've told you that if you want MT training the best place is Career Step, but not everyone can afford the course even at their already low rates. So I want to tell you the course my daughter is taking. It is and it's 100% free!  I really like their content, however you must be truly self disciplined and watch your steps so you don't miss anything in the coursework. Since it is self-paced and free, it is not monitoring your progress so you may find yourself lost or unprepared at the end of the course if you don't keep up with it every step. Otherwise, this course gets an A+ from me!  My daughter loves it!  There is no certificate when you finish the course, however you can still apply for your credentialing once you are ready. I'd recommend this site to anyone who is struggling already and looking into MT as a profitable work-from-home career. Check it out for yourself! Simply sign up/register and then go to your member page, then you're on your way to learning a new trade! Also a great site for those of you who have already enrolled or completed an MT program!

ChaCha Update 2

Well, today I finally got back to signing into my ChaCha Expeditor account and found my way to figuring out the modules. Whew! I must have been just too tired in the past to see the "continue" button, but I seen it like a beacon Anyways I finished my video modules and took my test. It states that it may take anywhere from 2 days to a week to hear from them as to whether I passed or not. You can only take the test once so crossing my fingers! The test consisted of doing several incoming queries and then you're graded on the first ten you answer. I think I did well, but much of the training that I thought I had down seemed to go out the window when it came to crunch time. Aren't nerves a wonderful thing? Anyways, I will update again to let you know if I made the grade or not. Wish me luck! 


Do you own a business? Or are you simply considering one? Perhaps you just realized that you have a good skill that you can make money doing. Well none of that matters without advertising. You have to get your business/skills noticed before you can make money. So I recommend creating a website and advertising on Twitter and facebook.
You not only get to put your ads out there for free, but you can even get a website for free. There are many free sites that will offer free blogs,or help you begin a website. Blogger, Homestead, and  Yola, just to name a few.  Whether you are looking to give advice on a subject, sell a product, or promote a brick and mortar business you already may own, you have to take advantage of the Internet and what it offers!  Why make business cards when you can advertise to the world for free?  Check out my links page for free sites that will help you get started with your website needs.


Are you looking to make extra cash without a long-term commitment? Or are you a professional looking for a job? Perhaps you simply want to supplement your current income. Whatever your income needs, Odesk is the best site for contractors to find freelance work or even find a permanent job. You take on as many small jobs as you like and if you impress the companies you work for you may even get invited to become a permanent employee or contractor. Odesk is the number one site for online freelance work. Companies simply post jobs needed to be done and you apply. It's a great way to get started if you are a new graduate or future graduate of medical transcription/billing! But there's more! You can even hire others to work "under you" on the jobs posted and become an entrepreneur! The possibilities are endless! Simply sign up at and begin making money! Thats it! No matter what your skill, there is a job awaiting your talent! Of all the jobs I post on my site, this is the best to make extra income whether it be part-time, one-time, or long-term!
It doesn't get any easier than this!


Did you know you can make money with your Twitter account? Yes you can! Most likely you won't make millions, but you can make some decent change each month if you work hard enough. And if you sell products, have a store, or want to promote a website, you can definitely benefit from Twitter. I personally use my accounts to advertise for Sponsored Tweets, and to promote my websites, as well as voice my reviews and opinions for my local area. Once you get enough followers you are on your way to promoting your product! I have friends who sell everything from advice to zippers using only word of mouth on Twitter for their advertising needs. It is completely free and easy to update daily, weekly, etc. So what do you have to sell or tell? May make you cash if you promote using your free Twitter accounts. Sponsored Tweets is found on Twitter as well, and it will set you up with different ads to post on your Twitter account hourly, daily, etc. and the companies will pay you a few cents per ad click, post, views, and so on. As I always can always find a way to make honest money if you just do your research and be patient.

ChaCha Update

Hello everyone. As promised, I am filling you in on my experience so far with ChaCha guide training. I haven't had much time to really get through the training as quickly as I would've like to as I've had many health issues lately, but I can tell you I have found it to be somewhat confusing to navigate the website. You really have to learn where to login and what tabs to look for to find your way around or you will be logging in to the query section instead of the training section. Perhaps it's just I who gets confused, but nevertheless it was difficult. Once I signed into the correct page for future guides in training, I went back to the Guide Universe page to continue my studies only to find that there are no markers or completion indicators o let you know what you've finished and where to begin next time you login. Again, this may be just me, but I got pretty frustrated at first. I still don't know how to tell when I've completed a module and can move ahead, but I will get there. I am still very happy with the in depth training modules as they are informative and  offer a "hands on" approach where you can try out the steps as you go. I hope to have more time to research this job more thoroughly  so I can better update you as to just how good of a side job this can be. I've heard only good things, so I can't wait to experience it for myself! I'll keep filling you in as I go along. Wish me luck!